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Artytechs was founded in 2014. Since its establishment, the company has collaborated closely with both the public and private sectors, resulting in the successful implementation of numerous projects. The name of Artytechs has become synonymous with international architectural excellence, as the company has received multiple prestigious awards. Artytechs is known for its ability to create intricate and imaginative projects that surpass traditional architectural approaches.

 Daduna Shatashvili 

  • 20 years experience in architecture and design. 

  • More than 70 realized projects and 500,000 sq.m designed area.

  • Has received the Order of Honor

  • RIBA Certificate holder.

  • Has received International architectural Award - "Reconstruction" In 2017.

  • In 2012 became the best architect in the nomination - realized residential complex.

  • In 2000 received Diploma for Scientific Work "The Role of Public Functions in the Reconstruction of the Historical District".

 Alexander Burchuladze 

• 20 years of experience in business consultancy and
asset management. 
•Has completed more than 50 foreign direct investment projects worth of 200 million USD on Georgian market.
•Has expertise in Asset management, Oil and gas, Trading, construction and development, consultancy and
public administration.
•Has following public sector experience: From 2012 to 2013 - Deputy Minister of Defense.
From 2013 to 2015 - Deputy Minister of Justice.

 Archil Dzidziguri 

• 10 years of experience in marketing and sales. 
•Certified specialist (Valencia Technical University) in the direction of startups and spin offs.
•Certified in neuro-linguistic programming 
• Has a consulting experience in the management of communication channels.
•  Has a consulting experience in the Human Resources Management
• Has a Master's degree in Education Management.

• 5 years of experience in successful entrepreneurship. 

Konstantine Ghvinjilia 

• Public service experience 5 years.

• Private sector experience 5 years. 
• Head of the Old Tbilisi Permit Department. Tbilisi Municipality LEPL “Tbilisi Architecture”
• Member of the selection competition commission for the monuments of Tbilisi City Hall.
• Member of feasibility review commission for architectural-artistic compositions and memorial boards within the administrative boundaries of Tbilisi Municipality.
• Chief Specialist at the Permit Department of III and IV Class Buildings. Tbilisi Municipality LEPL “Tbilisi Architecture”

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